Friday, May 30, 2014


15/05/14 UPDATE: We have had no luck in locating Thor's family. However, it is still a happy ending for Thor as he has been adopted by his foster carer who loves him to bits


30/05/14 We picked this boy up this afternoon in Taman TAR, Ampang. Nicole Suresh and Elton Joshua spotted him a couple of days ago while walking their kiddos and assumed that he belonged to someone in the area who had let him out, and so didn't think much of it.


But then I saw a dog standing in the middle of the road, looking rather confused and lost,as I was on my way home from the vet with my Cleo and Brownie this afternoon. And I knew immediately that it had to be the same dog that Nicole had told me about.


So I raced home to drop them off, picked Nicole Lee and Elton up, and drove out again to find him. It was raining and we were worried that the poor boy would be even more frightened than he already is. 


Thankfully, we managed to find Thor after about 20 minutes of driving around, whimpering in the rain. He ran for his life when we approached him, but when he realised that we were just trying to help he came up to us, albeit, cautiously.


After bribing him with a can of Cesar dog food, he decided that we were his best buddies, jumped into the car quite happily.


We have already taken him to the vet for a check up. He's healthy except for a minor skin problem (probably from the stress of being on the streets on his own). The vet thinks he's about 10-12 months old only... so he's still a puppy.


Please call us at 016 322 8816 or 012790 1252 if this is your dog. If he isn't please share this post so that we can reunite him with his family.

Thursday, May 29, 2014


25/05/14 UPDATE: Buster has been adopted! We are so happy for him and we hope that he will be a good boy with his new family... 


24/04/14 UPDATE: Buster has just been neutered and is ready to go to his new forever home. Please call us if you can give Buster the home that he deserves!



17/04/14 UPDATE: Buster has finally decided to eat!!! We tried everything we could think of. Kibble, kibble with canned food, canned food only, canned food and rice, rice boiled with chicken, chicken rice and gravy, fried chicken... everything! But he just would not eat! He might nibble on it and then would spit it out!

As a last resort, we thought we would offer him a 300g chunk of raw, frozen pork. And guess what? He sniffed it, then took it and proceeded to eat it quite happily! So we don't know if he is a raw fed dog - it seems quite unlikely - but we are just so happy he has finally eaten something!

And a bit more good news, he seems to have calmed down at the foster carer and is getting to be a bit friendly with the foster carer's dog too... So we hope that he will continue to improve while we now look for his forever home!

So if any of you can give sweet little Buster a family to call his own, please call us at 016 335 8768!

We found Buster last Sunday (13/4/14) in Bukit Indah, Ampang. He was clearly lost, and was frightened and confused. After spending ages trying to calm him down, we managed to get him home. Unfortunately he did not get along with one of our foster dogs at all. So we had to board him at our vet while we tried to locate his family.

We have had no luck so far as no one has come forward to claim him although his picture has been shared alot and we have also put up posters in the area where we found him and in the surrounding tamans.
He has however, been miserable at the vet and has refused food since Sunday. He has also been howling and trashing himself against the cage, trying to get out.

We managed to get a foster carer today (16/04/14). The foster carer has a huge compound with only one female dog and Buster is getting along fine with her. Buster is doing much better in a home environment. We have also discovered that he does not like adult male dogs but is okay with puppies. :)
Buster is a really sweet dog and loves to sit and cuddle in your lap. He loves car rides too and would sit in your lap and look out the window quite happily.

Buster needs to be in a home environment where he will not be left alone for long periods of time. He needs someone who will give him lots of cuddles and spend alot of time with him to reassure him that he will not be abandoned again. Do you think you can give Buster the home he deserves? Please call me at 016 335 8768.