Sunday, October 26, 2014


UPDATE 23/11/14: Bailey has been adopted... We hope that she will have a good life in her new home...
This little one was rescued 2 weeks ago on 5/10/14... She was really small and frail and frightened... She is also being treated for early stages of mange.

Other than that, she's doing very well at the moment. She is very sweet and affectionate. She loves sitting on your shoulder and cuddling into your neck...

If you think you can give her a good home where she will be loved, please SMS or WhatsApp 016 322 8816. (Please note I will not pick up calls from numbers I do not recognise)

Terms & Conditions for Adoption
1. Must not be caged unnecessarily
2. Must be given good and access to clean water
3. Must be SPAYED upon reaching 6 months of age. (This is NOT negotiable).
4. Must be given medical care if required.
5. Must be given lots of love.
6. Must be kept indoors.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


These gorgeous felines are available for adoption to good homes.

 Please SMS or Whatsapp 016 322 8816 if you can give them a home that they deserve. Please let me know your name and the name of the cat that you are interested in. But please serious adopters only ya!

Terms & Conditions for adoption:
1. Must not be caged unnecessarily
2. Must be given good and access to clean water
3. Must be given medical care if required.
4. Must be given lots of love.
5. Must be kept indoors.

We will bring the cat to your home so that you don't have to travel, and they will be SPAYED/NEUTERED before we send them to you. This is NON NEGOTIABLE.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


UPDATE 12/10/14: Storm is doing really well although he is FIV+ve. He is eating well and loves his cuddles and especially loves being brushed. He still has a secondary infection but otherwise he is doing great... He has even put on a bit more weight... Who would have thought that he once suffered from sporo where he had huge weeping wounds on his nose and ears, and on all his paws... With the right diet, supplements and lots of TLC, nothing is impossible...

*The photos is this blog post were all taken this week.

UPDATE 20/08/14: Storm seems to have recovered from Sporo completely, although we are still keeping a close eye on him to make sure it doesn't come back. While he has improved significantly, and has put on yet another kilo (he's now 5kgs!), we have some bad news.

From the time we got him, he has had a bad nasal sort of infection. And he was always sneezing and a ton of thick yellow mucous would always be coming out of his nose and mouth. He also has a bad lesion on the inside of his mouth which just refuses to get better. 

Early this week, we had a blood test done to see if there were any other underlying causes for his infection, and we have not confirmed that he has FIV. And this is probably what is causing his prolonged infections. Please pray that we can somehow help Storm get over this infections so that he can have a better quality of life.

UPDATE 27/06/14: Storm has improved significantly over the past few weeks. His weeping wounds have pretty much dried up and he has put on over 1 kg.


Bon Bon is a gorgeous black cat with a white chest and white socks, and is looking for his forever home.

If you think that you can give Bon Bon a good home, please SMS or WhatsApp 016 322 8816.

He was very thin and emaciated when he was rescued several months ago. He is now in good health and has a very shiny black coat!

We think he would be the perfect cat for Halloween! :D

He's quite a sweetie and loves being scratched behind the ears. He also loves his scratch posts and could possibly get along with other cats if they are not aggressive...

He is about a year old and will be vaccinated and neutered soon...

Terms and conditions for adoption:
1. He must be given food and clean water.
2. He must not be caged unnecessarily.
3. He must be given lots of love and cuddles.
4. He must be an indoor cat.
5. He must be given medical care if required.

If you think that you can give Bon Bon a good home, please SMS or WhatsApp 016 322 8816.