Tuesday, September 23, 2014


UPDATE03/10/14: Snowie has been adopted.

Snowie was rescued on 10 July 2014 from the main road in Bukit Indah. We found him lying in the middle of the road, completely disoriented, dehydrated and in shock.

No one has claimed him todate, and so he is now available for adoption to a good home. He has been fully vaccinated and has also been neutered.

He has a very sweet temperament, is wary of strangers initially but will warm up to you quite quickly. He is also okay with dogs that are quiet and friendly. Snowie is also a very talkative cat and is happy to have long conversations with you... 

Please SMS or WhatsApp 016 322 8816 if you can give Snowie a good home.


Terms and Conditions for adoption:

1. Must be an indoor cat.
2. Must not be caged for extended periods or unnecessarily.
2. Must be given lots of love and affection.


UPDATE 02/11/14: Simba has been adopted by a lovely family... *****************************
Please SMS or WhatsApp me at 016 322 8816 if you can either foster or adopt Simba. 
If you can't, please help share this so that Simba will have a better chance of getting a home. 

22/09/14: This is Simba. He was abandoned by his owners when they shifted out of their house. They just threw him out on the streets. The poor boy waited for them to come back for him and refused to move from that road eventhough it was a very busy road.

The neighbours in the area started feeding him and they tried to catch him several times. But he would always evade them. Sometime last week, he was hit by a car and his front leg was injured. Again the people that were feeding him tried to catch him but to no avail.

And then one idiotic and heartless neighbour decided to report him to the council (saying that he was a dangerous dog although he kept to himself and was just waiting for his family) and poor Simba got caught.

The people feeding him called me and asked me to help get him out. Thankfully I managed to claim him back from the council. But Simba was petrified when we went to get him out. He couldn't move. He was frozen with fear. There were lots of other dogs there that had been caught and I know that this is the case with all the council pounds. I wish I could have taken them all, but I couldn't... :(

It took us quite a while to finally get him out but we finally succeeded. We brought him back to my place and it took over an hour before he finally realised that he was safe. He had a good sleep, probably the first time he slept peacefully since he was abandoned.

He will be going to vet today and I would be grateful if one of you could help foster him while he recovers from his injury, and while I look for a new forever home for him. He will not do well being boarded as he is quite a timid dog... We could look after him ourselves but we already have way too many animals...

Please call me if you can help foster this lovely boy. I will take care of all medical expenses and food bills etc. I just need a home environment where he can rest and regain his faith in humans. Or better still, if you can give him a forever home that he deserves, that will be even better.

Please SMS or WhatsApp me at 016 322 8816 if you can either foster or adopt Simba. If you can't, please help share this so that Simba will have a better chance of getting a home.

PS: If you ever lose your dog, please call all the nearby councils and insist that you want to go and check their pounds cause sometimes they will just say that they didn't catch any dogs in a particular area. Your dog could be waiting for you helplessly! And you should check immediately on the day you lost the dog and the subsequent days after that. Cause sometimes they may not be taken to the pound immediately.