AWAM will endeavour to provide funding to individual/independent animal rescuers (who do not have the means to pay for or are unable to raise funds on their own) for the spaying/neutering of rescued animals at our discretion.

Please note that funding will NOT be provided for your own pet's spaying/neutering procedure with the exception of pets that have been adopted from local rescue groups, whereby application for funding must be made within one calendar month of adoption. Funding will be provided solely at our discretion.

To apply for funding from AWAM, you will need to provide the following information:
  1. Your full name
  2. I/C number (which will not be published)
  3. Phone number (which will not be published)
  4. Bank account number (which will not be published)
  5. Name, address and phone number of your vet's clinic
  6. Email us at with a photograph of your animal and a description of the case and the help that you require.
  7. You will need to send the animal to your own vet to get the medical procedures/treatment done.
  8. You will need to settle the amount incurred and obtain an itemised receipt. The receipt must be legible as we will not provide any funds to you if we are unable to read the details of the receipt.
  9. The original receipt must be submitted to us by post (we will provide the address). Scanned or photocopies of the receipts will not be accepted. The receipts must be received by us within 2 weeks of the date stipulated on the receipt.
  10. Email us a picture of the animal after the procedure (the animal's ear must be docked - cropping the pointed end of the ear so that it has a square appearance - known as ear tipping - or cutting a notch at the tip or on the side of the ear) with an update on the progress or condition of the animal. 
*Funding provided will be solely at the discretion of AWAM.  

**Please note that your application for funding will be published on our blog verbatim. Funds will only be released to you after the original receipt for neutering/medical treatment has been received by us.

Maximum Subsidies for Neutering:
Male cat – RM70
Female cat – RM90
Male dog – RM90
Female dog – RM110

*If the cost of neutering at your vet is lower, we will only provide funding up to the amount incurred at your vet. Please note that the rates at the Klinik Kembiri are substantially lower than that of private vets.

Other Important Information:
  1. In the event that you have applied for are applying for funds from other organisations or sources, this information will need to be disclosed to AWAM. 
  2. The funding provided will then be subject to a review by AWAM and may be adjusted as deemed fit. We may also choose not to subsidise your case.
  3.  Failure to disclose this information will result in you being banned from receiving any help from AWAM for the case in question and all future cases.
  4. AWAM is funded by donations and sponsors from private individuals and members of the public.