Thursday, August 23, 2012


UPDATE: 01/01/13 Lily has been adopted


A quick update on the dog that we took in on Monday. We have decided to call her Lily, and she is really the sweetest girl ever.

We took her to the vet yesterday and she sat really nicely in the car. She did get car-sick though after about 5 minutes, and threw up all her breakfast. So we strapped on the Thundershirt on her and she was a lot less stressed. We hope it's just a case of her never being in a car before...

Lily was very well behaved at the clinic and let Dr Singham examine her thoroughly. She has now been vaccinated and dewormed. She also had blood taken to check for heart worms. If she is given the clear, she will commence heart worm preventive treatment soon.

Dr Singham was generally happy with her condition. She didn't seem to have any obvious problems apart from being underweight. We will be fattening her up with some good food and lots of love. Dr Singham said that the scar along her right side could have been from being scalded or from a chemical burn. But it's hard to tell as it has already healed.
Lily is now at a foster carer and is getting alot of exercise (she gets two long walks a day), love and affection. We will be taking Lily for her follow up vaccination in 3 weeks time, and then after that she will be spayed. If no one claims her by then, she will be put up for adoption.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


23/08/12 UPDATE : This puppy has been adopted


This puppy was recently rescued by Joey and is now ready for adoption. Please contact Joey at 012-2077 525 if you would like to adopt this adorable kid. 


I rescued a male pup a month ago from a wet market. He was in an abused state then but I am really happy to see that he is all well, healthy and all hyper again. He now has black shinny coat! Based on his current size, I think he is a medium to medium large cross breed, maybe 18kg max when he turns adult. He has been dewormed and I will take him for his first jab tomorrow. I've been calling him Puppy since. He has no shedding problem and hopefully won't develop it either. He loves running around, and love playing paws. He is very alert and in my opinion can be a great guard dog if sufficient training is given. He is toilet-trained too; only relief himself on newspaper-layered tray unless I leave him no choice. His diet is simple, salmon kibbles with salmon oil and plenty of water.

Please contact Joey at 012-2077 525 if you would like to adopt this adorable kid. 

Monday, August 20, 2012


UPDATE: 01/01/13 Lily has been adopted


Female Dog (possibly under a year old) with Burn/Scald Scar on right side of body in Bukit Indah, Ampang
If this is your dog, please email us at 


I first spotted this girl a couple of days ago, when I was out walking my dogs in the Bukit Indah, Ampang area. She tailed us for quite a distance and was pretty friendly. She was rather thin and dirty but she definitely did not seem like a stray. 

As I didn't have a spare leash on me, I hoped that she would follow us home. Unfortunately, as we were crossing the road she got spooked and ran off. 

As soon I got my own kids back home which was quite a distance away, I drove out with some food to the area where I last saw her but was unable to find her. Since then I have just circled the area a few times a day but did not see her. So I just assumed that she must have found her way home.

And lo and behold, this morning as we were approaching our house at the end of our walk, she springs out at us from the bushes by the side of our house. She somehow found us!

I fed her a raw chicken wing quarter and she chomped through it like she hadn't eaten in ages. Then I gave her a bath and it took three shampoos to get quite a bit of grease off her fur. She is quite thin so I think she must have gotten lost at least a couple of weeks ago. She also had a huge burn/scald scar on her right side - which looks like someone had poured hot water or oil on her.

I gave her 2 more raw chicken leg quarters and she gobbled it up really quickly. The poor thing must have been really hungry. 

Anyway, she is a really sweet dog and she must have belonged to someone. If this is your dog or if you know who this doggie's owner is, please email me at 

If she is not claimed within a week or two, she will be put up for adoption after we spay her. But in the mean time, she will be going to our vet when he re-opens on Wednesday for a check up.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


UPDATE: Shadow has been adopted 
Hi all,

It has been sometime since I updated all of you about Shadow, so I thought it was time that I put up a post. Shadow has been recuperating from his leg surgery at his foster carer's, and he was also treated for a few other minor issues that he had with his skin. He was given the all clear at the beginning of the month, and so we scheduled him to be neutered with Dr Singham last Wednesday.

I visited him on Thursday morning at the clinic and he was doing well. He was bright and alert and wouldn't stay still enough for me to take a nice picture of him. In any case, his sutures will be removed this coming Thursday. Let's just hope that he is a good boy and does not remove his sutures like he did the last time. 

We have incurred another RM682 for treatment of his skin, blood work before neutering, neutering and boarding. 

Here's a recap of what we have received and spent on Shadow:

Total contributions received           RM 6,120
Veterinary Expenses (Paid)           RM 4,061
Petty cash to Foster Carer            RM    100
2 bottles Oxyfresh Antioxidant       RM      90

Balance                                      RM 1,869
Veterinary Expenses (Paid)          RM    682
Balance                                      RM 1,187

Once again we would like to thank everyone who contributed towards Shadow's medical expenses. We will keep you updated if we incur any further expenses. Otherwise, we will donate the balance to an animal charity/organisation as we see fit.

Additionally, Shadow is now ready to be adopted. We would greatly appreciate it if you could help share details about Shadow to potential families that would give him a good and loving home. He is a very sweet and gentle boy. He does not have a single aggressive bone in him. He is however a big dog and is super active. Therefore, his new family will need to be able to take him for long walks and runs and must be experienced handling large breed dogs. Shadow will also most probably need to go for obedience training. If you would like to adopt Shadow, please do email us at 

Saturday, August 4, 2012


The following video is from The HSUS depicting the horriffic conditions of a puppy mill in the US. Puppy mills do exist in Malaysia as well although we may not have such well documented evidence. 


Most Malaysians are blissfully unaware that backyard breeders or puppy mills exist. But the reality is that they do. Recently, the press have highlighted cases of immense cruelty inflicted on innocent dogs by these unscrupulous people. We are attaching some links to recent articles in The Star for your reference. 

Pet dogs found living in squalor
Puppies easily infected as they are sold too early
The ugly side of dog breeding
Animal welfare groups call for curbs on backyard breeders

These articles are only the tip of the iceberg! As we know most pet stores in the country sell puppies. And in most cases, the puppies are confined in small spaces with hardly any room to move about and are not socialised properly. Additionally, alot of these puppies have some disease or other as a result of poor breeding as well as inadequate care. 

Pet stores often tell customers that their puppies come from local breeders or quality breeders. Don't believe them, ask to see the paperwork and find out where the puppies really come from. Request to see the parents of the puppies!

Innocent families buy the puppies only to find that the puppy is very ill or has genetic or emotional problems. Often the puppies die of disease. Many others have medical problems that cost thousands of dollars. And many have emotional problems because they have not been properly socialized in the mills. Don't bring this misery into your home.

Please help put an end to puppy farms and backyard breeders in Malaysia and across the world by taking this online pledge:

When you click the "Take the Pledge" button, you will be making a personal commitment NOT to purchase anything from pet stores that sell live animals. You will only be accountable to yourself if you break this pledge.

You’ll also see tools to help you spread the word by sending an email, sharing on Facebook, or Tweeting your pledge.Our target is to reach 5000 pledges. By simply pledging not to buy from pet stores that sell live animals, you can help put an end to puppy mills.

Additionally, we would deeply appreciate it if you could leave a comment on this page, stating any pet stores that sell live animals as well as pet stores that do NOT sell live animals. Please remember to include the location of these pet stores. A list will then be compiled to help all of us make guided and informed decisions. 

Together,  we can make a difference... 

Together, we can put an end to puppy mills!