The Aims and Objectives of AWAM:
  1. The name of the organisation shall be "Animal Welfare for Malaysia" (AWAM). AWAM is a coalition of animal lovers and independent pet rescuers, and is not a formal organisation.
  2. AWAM shall be non-political, non sectarian and non racial.
  3. The objects of AWAM shall be (and for the avoidance of doubt whether within Malaysia or elsewhere throughout the World) to promote animal welfare in particular the protection of dogs and cats from maltreatment, cruelty, suffering; and in furtherance thereof:
• To maintain a continuous campaign via the media and other methods to educate members of the general public to have a responsible attitude towards dogs (and other animals) and their welfare. For this purpose books, pamphlets, posters, letters, websites and advertisements shall be printed and published and distributed as necessary. 

• To actively support proposals for the control of the national dog and cat population by advocating neutering dogs and cats whenever practicable or desirable to do so, and to make funds available whenever possible to provide financial assistance to members of the public for this purpose.

• To aid persons of limited means (whenever possible) in so far as their rescued dogs/cats' welfare is concerned.

• To raise and maintain special funds for any of the above objects and aims as far as practicably possible.

• To refer any cases of alleged cruelty reported to AWAM to the appropriate authority or organisation capable of investigating the allegations and of instituting proceedings against the persons concerned, and of monitoring action taken.

• To advocate that adequate legislation is passed to ensure that whenever it is necessary for a dog to be destroyed, it shall be carried out in an humane manner.

• To monitor, so far as practical, any Bill, Act of Parliament, Rules, Regulation, Bye-law, Directives and Regulations or Order relating to dogs ("Proposals") and to make submissions to the appropriate authorities in respect of any such Proposals or against any that appear to be unjustified or inequitable.

• To co-operate with and to establish working arrangements with any kindred associations or organisations.

• To care in exceptional circumstances for rescued animals until alternative provision for their care can be made. It is important to note that AWAM is not a rescue organisation and does not have a shelter for rescued animals. AWAM relies solely on volunteers and foster carers.

• To conduct research into, or gather information relating to matters affecting dogs and cats and their behaviour.

• To undertake all such other activities that further the objects of the organisation as the members may deem fit from time to time.