Friday, June 27, 2014


27/06/14 - Dandy is looking for his forever home again. He was adopted over a year ago by a really nice family.

But due to a sudden change in circumstances, they have to move back to the USA. And after weighing all their options, they have decided with a very heavy heart that the harsh winters in Minnesota will not be suitable for Dandy.

Dandy is excellent with children and even cats, loyal and gentle (but with the bark of a guard dog), cheerful and active disposition. He has been neutered and is up-todate on his vaccinations.

His current family will be providing all the items that you may need for Dandy, including his travel crate, a newly built wooden dog house, leashes, food bowls etc. Their only condition is that you must love Dandy as much as they have.

Please SMS or WhatsApp 016 322 8816 if you can give Dandy his forever home.

If you cannot adopt him, please help share this album as much as possible so that we can find Dandy a good home.

The terms & conditions for adoption are:

1. There is no adoption fee, but any donation is greatly welcome.
2. An interview and a home visit will be conducted before the Dandy is released to his new home.
3. He must not be caged or chained unnecessarily.
4. He must be provided with sufficient food, water, exercise, medical care (when necessary) and clean shelter from the heat and rain.
5. We would prefer it if he was kept indoors.

If you are unable to agree to the T&Cs above, please do not contact us.

Friday, June 20, 2014


Please SMS or WhatsApp 016 322 8816 or 012 790 1252 if you can give this sweetie a good and loving home that she deserves.

20/06/14 We picked this little sweetie up late this afternoon.

A friend had called to say that a puppy had just suddenly turned up in her housing area all alone. 

The neighbours threatened to call DBKL eventhough she was such a wee pup. 

So Nicole Suresh and I headed over there as soon as we could and picked her up.

We gave her a quick bath as she had quite a few ticks and thankfully we managed to get a foster carer for her who will be looking after her until she is ready for adoption.

We have decided to call her Dakota as she is so friendly, and the name Dakota literally means friend.

She's also very good with other dogs and got along with the foster carer's dogs immediately.

We have just dewormed her and she's going for a check up tomorrow.

She will be vaccinated after a week or two as we need to make sure that she hasn't got any underlying health problems.

Please SMS or WhatsApp 016 322 8816 or 012 790 1252 if you can give this sweetie a good and loving home that she deserves.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


We finally managed to pick Storm up last Friday night (when it was storming - hence the name Storm) after spotting him a couple of weeks ago. He has several open sores/wounds that are weeping on his face, back of his ear, and feet. He was also coughing and sneezing and expelling alot of thick and horrible mucous. 

Our vet confirmed that he had Sporo as well as a secondary bacterial infection, an injured leg, was suffering from dehydration and malnutrition. 

We started him on Sporanox and some antibiotics. We also got some Vetri-DMG as recommended by Myza Nordin. 

Thankfully, Storm is responding to the treatment and his wounds seem to be drying up although rather slowly. His appetite has improved significantly as well. 

We believe that he had a family that decided to abandon him after he got sick. He is a really sweet and affectionate cat and we feel bad that we can't cuddle him. We do pet him as much as we can (albeit with gloves on). 

Please pray that he will recover quickly and that we can find him a good home to spend the rest of his days.