Thursday, November 11, 2010


MIRA the puppy and her five siblings were rescued off the streets of Klang when they were found hiding under an old car.

Their mother was missing and one of the siblings was found to be unconscious due to head injuries. The puppy died a few days after the rescue.

All the siblings have been adopted except for Mira who now waits for a home at the canine welfare project Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) halfway-home in Klang.

Leng Leng and Mindy were also among the many puppies currently being taken care by MDDB.

The three puppies are among the many that will be put-up for adoption by MDDB at the Summit Subang Jaya this Sunday.

The adoption drive will be held near the main entrance from 11am to 7pm.

MDDB adoption coordinator Christine Lai said they have been receiving a continuous flow of puppies and dogs for the last few months.

“They just keep coming in and we have also rescued several accident victims,’’ she added.
“We think there is a dog dumping trend going and this is very worrying,’’ said Lai.

She said these dogs would also be put up for adoption once they have been neutered and vaccinated.
Lai said those wanting to make donations to MDDB and its feline welfare counterpart Malaysian Cats Care Project (MCCP) can drop off the items at the venue.

“We need dry and canned dog and puppy food, dry and canned cat and kitten food, old newspapers, dog and cat shampoo, old towels, rice, cages, detergent and bleach,’’ said Lai.

For details, call 019-357 6477 or 012-373 9007, visit or e-mail

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