Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You Tube Animal Abuse Video Clip Incites Public Fury

Is this the dog in the video?

A video of a man repeatedly hitting, shaking throwing a small poodle has sparked fury among animal lovers across the nation.

A FACEBOOK GROUP has been setup and AWAM hopes that the culprits responsible for this terrible abuse of a defenceless animal are caught by the authorities soon.

If you have any useful and relevant information regarding this case, please contact the SPCA, DVS and even international animal welfare movements such as PETA to assist in the invetigation of this matter.

Email SPCA at
Submit a ticket to DVS
Email PETA at

However, AWAM would also like to urge the public not the jump to conclusions regarding the identities of the perpetrators and to remain calm until the authorities have taken action against them.

While there seems to be substantial evidence pointing toward certain individuals as being the culprits behind this unacceptable abuse towards the poodle, AWAM would like to urge everyone to take a deep breath and take a step back.

There are several reasons for this:

The first is already evident, in that there seems to be a mob effect with many of you dog lovers out there wanting justice for the poor dog, and many of you have therefore resorted to threatening these people openly. This in itself is an offence.

The second is that if the so called perpetrators have been wrongly identified, this would effectively mean that their lives and security will be greatly compromised as there may be people who would want to avenge the abuse inflicted on the dog.

Additionally, AWAM also hopes that we all become more vigilant towards cases of cruelty towards animals and highlight these issues to the public, the press, the authorities and the relevant animal welfare departments etc, to help put an end to animal abuse in this country.


Extracted from The Malay Mail

YouTube clip of man hitting, shaking animal incites fury
by Danny Tan Wee Mun & Faizal Nor Izham
Tuesday, January 25th, 2011 13:47:00

Abused poodle on YouTube
Publish Post

BARBARIC: In a sequence of screenshots from the clip, a man is seen forcing the dog to stand on its hind legs. He then slaps the animal and it falls

KUALA LUMPUR: Outrage has broken out among Malaysian animal-lovers over a YouTube video allegedly showing a man abusing a puppy after it failed to follow his instructions.

The 15-minute-long-clip (, which featured the man yelling at the canine in an attempt to make it stand on its hind quarters, has since gone viral after it was posted on social networking site Facebook on Friday.

A Malaysian who posted the clip on Facebook had claimed it was on a pen drive she found at Suria KLCC. She said she then uploaded the video onto her profile page.

The video showed a man grabbing the puppy roughly, hitting it repeatedly on its body and shaking it vigorously. The dog, which appeared to be a poodle, was tossed to the ground and was flung across the room after it was smacked.

The man, speaking Cantonese, is repeatedly heard telling the puppy to "stand still and don't move". In one instance, he is also heard telling the puppy to "diam, diam" (quiet) when it struggled to free itself from his grip.

Yelps could also be heard from the animal as the man hit it repeatedly.

The clip drew horrified comments from Facebook users, who, at Press time, posted more than 1,000 comments.

One user described it as a "shameful act", while another lambasted the man for hitting a defenceless animal.

"This is horrible; watching someone do something like this to a dog," wrote another user.

The clip, posted on YouTube yesterday, also drew similar responses. "Does anyone know him personally? Share his Facebook profile so the world can see who he is," wrote one viewer.

Another, in venting his anger, reckoned the man "may have been a bully victim when he was young, which explains his behaviour".

The clip drew the attention of Singapore's Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. In its Facebook posting, the SPCA said it wasn't yet clear where the abuse occurred but a Malaysian connection was possible as the pen drive was found in the city.

"We alerted our contacts in Malaysia and they are trying to identify the abuser," read the statement.

A spokesman for SPCA Malaysia said they were aware of the incident. "We are investigating it and will issue a statement sometime today."


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