Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Dear all,

The following dogs are up for urgent adoption. They are currently at risk of being put to sleep by MPPJ as their owner Sham Van Boonstra Nasution has 6 dogs in her care. MPPJ has basically given her an ultimatum to remove them from her property by the end of this week, 1 April 2011 or they will be seized and put to sleep.

Please call Sham at 017 368 8660 if you are willing to adopt or at least foster these dogs.

Mixed Breed, Male, 2years old, Medium sized, Neutered & Vaccinated
Looks exactly like a Miniature German Shepher/Alsatian dog. He will be a great guard dog. Very friendly, loves cuddles but will bark at strangers.

Mixed Breed, Male, 3years old, Neutered & Vaccinated
Well behaved and a little shy. Loves to just sit quietly in a corner. Loves wagging his tail when happy!

Japanese Spitz Mixed, Female, 4 yrs old. Medium Sized, Vaccinated.
Very friendly and loves to be petted. Independent and will sit in one corner most of the time.

Mixed Breed, 4 yrs old, Medium sized but a little tall, Vaccinated
Very friendly and loves to be petted. Generally well behaved and is happy to sit quietly for the most part of the day. Good with kids.

Please help save these dogs from being put down...
Call Sham if you can help her at 017 368 8660

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