Thursday, July 19, 2012


21/07/12 UPDATE: AWAM has donated a small amount of RM500 towards Benji's medical treatment.

To 3rd Party Account Number:     162852016172
Account Holder Name:     TERESA CHIAN LI KIM
Status: Successful
Reference number: 1665840868
Transaction date: 21 Jul 2012
Transaction time: 23:18:08 

Please help Teresa raise the rest of the funds required for Benji's recovery.


We have just received an appeal for help from Teresa Chian for Benji, a dog that she rescued recently. This is a genuine call for assistance, and we would appreciate it if all of you can help chip in, even if it's only RM10 or RM20. Every little helps.

Please take a moment to read Benji's plight and help Teresa raise funds for his medical treatment. 

On July 1st, Sunday, a beige dog was found crying and dragging his hind legs across the back alley of our neighbourhood in Old Klang Road. He seemed confused with his current condition and tries to run with his pack but could not keep up. A few neighbours spotted, cornered and rescued him.

We named him Benji and he was sent to Dr Goh Kim Siang in Bandar Kinrara, Puchong. After getting an X-Ray, we found out that his hind legs are paralysed (deep pain) due to spinal injuiry (fracture) and nerve damage. 

Dr. Goh suspected that he got ran over by a vehicle, either car or motorbike. Benji has a good chance of recovery due to his young age and natural 'fighting spirit' from being a street dog.. He is recuperating well under the Vet's supervision. After the first month, Benji will undergo acupuncture and physiotherapy treatments. After the second month, we hope Benji will be strong enough to take his first step to learn to walk again. 

So far, Benji has good appetite and is good natured. He is able to defecate on his own although he cannot always control his bladder and need help with emptying his bladder on a daily basis. Once he has recovered and is able to be fully mobile again, I hope to find him a loving home.

Due to the escalating costs of caring for a dog with special needs, I would like to appeal to you for financial assistance. Benji needs to raise an estimated amount of RM2,000++ for 8 weeks of boarding, treatment, acupuncture and physiotherapy. 

Updates on Benji will be posted whenever possible on the Help Benji page.
How to Donate
1) Bank in donations to Teresa's Maybank account
     Account Number: 1628 5201 6172
     Account Name: Teresa Chian Li Kim

2)  Logon to Help Benji to donate via PayPal

Once you have made a donation, please leave a comment on the Help Benji page with the following information:

1) Any name (or anonymous) that you feel comfortable being published
2) Where you are from i.e. Klang, Petaling Jaya, Ipoh or Singapore. 
3) The amount of your donation

Thank you for your support. 
Teresa Chian

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