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Name : Bobo
Name on certificate: Minie Land Messenger
Microchip No: 458098500194649
Breed: Tri-cloured Beagle
Age: 1 year and 8 months, born on 23-03-2011
Gender: Male - neutered
Missing since June 2012

Bobo was wearing a red collar when he went missing from his home in Serendah

If you have seen or have any information about Bobo, please contact Patrick Adam via:

Phone: 019-2713134 or 014-2036370 

A reward will be given for his safe return

Bobo has been missing from his home in Serendah since June this year. His family is missing him very much and would appreciate it if everyone can be on the look out for Bobo. They have been looking for him ever since he has been missing and have even gone to the local pounds etc regularly to check if he's there. Please help spread the word to bring Bobo home.

Here's the mesage that we received from Bobo's family:

Dear Natasha,

My name is Patrick Adam our dog was lost/stolen in front of our house in June this year. We think he is stolen as he was very well trained and Bobo NEVER walked away.

We adopted Bobo when his former owner saw how good we are to our dog Pamela, and he asked if we want to have Bobo. They left him outside the house in a very small bench. He was not used to walk just stay 24/7 in a bench. 

As he had a terrible abusive first part of his life before we adopt him. He knew he had a good and free home. As he was able to go in and out the house freely. He never been more then 10-20meters from me as he was always thankful.

We kept all options in our mind what could have been happened with Bobo. Honestly spoken he was a very well trained dog and walking away from our house is a bit difficult as we life on top of a hill with just one road to it. There have been rumors that more dogs has been stolen in the Rawang area. I keep it open and we follow all options just to get him back.

If Bobo has been taken by dog catchers I honestly think they took it by purpose as people all know that Bobo is our dog. The TNB, Syabas, Police also people like the waste collectors all said to me they could not believe Bobo run away or lost as they said although they called him he never left the property. He always stopped at the boundary of my land. We really teached him to stay inside as he knows when he steps over the boundary he get no treat before he goes to bed.

Bobo sleeps inside the house. He went always after our meal like breakfast, lunch and diner outside for a walk around the garden. As I said he was very happy being with us. This is because Bobo knows very well how it is to be in a house where they do not care about dogs.
Every day he put his head on our bed and look at us to say thank you. We never asked for it he just gave it to us. And yes he was naughty he sometimes climbed on our bed and lay next to us. Although it was forbidden it is also nice to hug your dog if he is so lovely.

When it was diner time he very social he always ran to my mum to say thank you. Again we did not asked for it he just wanted to show us how happy he was.

We have an other dog she also missed Bobo a lot it is difficult to explain to her Bobo is lost as they got very attached to each other.

We have been since traveling around Selangor to find him as he is our child. We have been almost in every corner of the state to find him.

We been to the dog pounds and we been very social and low profile. But the language is mostly a big problem. We are expat so we need to talk with hand and feets. Mostly they do not understand we come again and again they mostly say to me "if you like take an other one" or "why do you not buy an other dog". As people also not change their children we are not changing dogs it feel very sad when people say that to us.


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