Saturday, March 16, 2013



Brownie - outside Light Focus

We found this girl at about 4pm on 14 March 2013 at Light Focus, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar. Please help share this as we believe that she is not a stray but is lost. We have called her Brownie for now.

Please send an email with your contact details if she is yours to. 

Additionally, we are also looking for a foster carer for Brownie while we try to locate her family. If we are unable to reunite Brownie with her family by this Saturday, she will be put up for adoption. If you can foster Brownie or are interested in adopting her, please drop us an email too. In the mean time, please share this blog post with as many friends as you can to increase the chances of finding Brownie's family or to find her a new family.

Brownie - sitting calmly in the car as we took her to the vet

She is approximately 10 years old, has no microchip. She was very stressed, confused and dehydrated when we found her. She is not too thin which means that she must have not been out on her own for too long. Her fur is moulting though and she has very dry skin.
Brownie - on the examination table
She seems to have cataracts as well. We have done a blood test on her, and she has tested negative for heartworms. Her red cell count is slightly low and her liver readings are slightly elevated.We have dewormed her and started her on some supplements to boost her up while she rests at our vet's clinic for a few days. She will then be moved to a foster carer when she is stronger.

Although Brownie is okay, she is definitely missing home. Please help her find her family again. Share this post with as many friends as you can. Someone you know may know who she is and who she belongs to. She will be put up for adoption if she is not claimed in 2 weeks.

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