Tuesday, April 16, 2013


30/05/13 UPDATE: Sadly, Dobby passed away 2 days after her last puppy Little Bear was adopted. It was almost as if she gave up on life after she knew all her puppies were safe in their new homes. We are so sorry that we didn't get a chance to get you a home Dobby. You were the most amazing mother dog away. May you rest in peace in doggy heaven...


28/05/13 UPDATE: All puppies have been adopted. Dobby is still looking for her forever home though... can anyone give Dobby a home?


17/04/13 UPDATE: We managed to get Dobby the very next day. 3 of her 4 pups have already been adopted. We have one more very cute girl left! Please call us if you would like to have bouncy puppy!

In the mean time, we will be looking after Dobby to make sure she gains some weight. Once she is ready, she will be up for adoption too. She has a very sweet temperament and will make an excellent companion.
Dobby - the best mother dog ever!

Dobby has been roaming round our housing area for a few weeks. We have been feeding her and she was very friendly. But she would always cart away a hunk of meat instead of eating it all at my place. It looked like she had puppies but although we have followed her on many occasions, we never found them. 

Finally we decided that her puppies must either be dead or she had abandoned them. So last Saturday we grabbed Dobby and took her to the vet. She was definitely not producing milk anymore and it didn't look like she had been feeding any puppies for sometime.

Dobby is currently very thin and she has been feeding and looking after her puppies really well

Anyway, Dobby was dewormed, frontlined and put on a course of antibiotics.She was generally okay except that she was severely underweight and had some minor skin problems. 

She was quite happy to be with us that whole afternoon and was great in the car, but that night she was very miserable. She tried her level best to escape to the extent that she was hurting herself. 


We decided to let her go on the off chance that her puppies were still somewhere out there. The next morning she appeared at my house as usual for her breakfast. She ate alot and carted a hunk of meat away like she normally does.

Dobby's very healthy puppies!

And finally today, a neighbour told me that he heard some puppies yapping in the monsoon drain nearby. We headed there this afternoon and true enough Dobby's puppies were there.

Little Bear

We had to go into some rather thick shrubbery and into the drains to get them. The pups are all safe at the moment (and very well fed as they are plump and healthy!) but there was no sign of Dobby anywhere. 

We have been searching for her all afternoon and evening. We will be grabbing Dobby as soon as we see her so that she will be with her pups. 


In the mean time we will need everyone's help to spread the word about these gorgeous pups so that we can get them adopted asap.

White Sox
Please call or text us at 016 335 8768 if you are interested in adopting any one of these pups and if you can find it in your hearts to give Dobby a home as well.

Terms and conditions for adoption:
1. There is no adoption fee, but any donation is welcome to defray the costs of deworming, vaccination, neutering and other medical costs.
2. An interview and a home visit will be conducted before the pups or Dobby are released to their new home.
3. They should not be caged or chained for long periods of time.
4. They must be provided with sufficient food, water, exercise, medical care (if necessary) and clean shelter from the heat and rain.
5. The pups will be neutered by us when they are older. Adopters MUST agree to this.
6. Dobby will be neutered before being released for adoption.


  1. where are you located?

    1. Hello...

      If you are interested in adopting anyone of them, please give us a call.

      Thank you.