Friday, February 21, 2014


21/02/14 UPDATE: Oreo has been re-united with his family. 

We found Oreo on Monday morning (17 Feb) and he's the sweetest dog ever. We are still hoping that we will be able to find his family as he is missing home terribly. 

We have taken him for a check up with our vet yesterday and he is estimated to be about 2-2.5 years old only. He has minor injuries probably from either fighting or just from being out on the streets. The vet suspects that he may have injured his legs and we will be taking him for an x-ray next week. 

Anyway, as our house is already full to the brim, we can't keep Oreo at home, but have boarded him at a pet shop near us. They are looking after him well, but he is caged up pretty much the whole day. And he hates it... 

We have been going daily to take him for nice long walks but it breaks our heart to have to put him back in the cage. He gets so upset and starts whining and crying when we put him back in. So if anyone can foster him and give him a temporary home while we try to locate his family, that would be great.  

Please do call us at 016 335 8768 if you can foster him. 
Food will be provided and we will look after all medical bills for Oreo.

If he is not claimed by next week, we will put him up for adoption. 
So if you are considering adopting him, please let us know too. 

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