Tuesday, September 23, 2014


UPDATE03/10/14: Snowie has been adopted.

Snowie was rescued on 10 July 2014 from the main road in Bukit Indah. We found him lying in the middle of the road, completely disoriented, dehydrated and in shock.

No one has claimed him todate, and so he is now available for adoption to a good home. He has been fully vaccinated and has also been neutered.

He has a very sweet temperament, is wary of strangers initially but will warm up to you quite quickly. He is also okay with dogs that are quiet and friendly. Snowie is also a very talkative cat and is happy to have long conversations with you... 

Please SMS or WhatsApp 016 322 8816 if you can give Snowie a good home.


Terms and Conditions for adoption:

1. Must be an indoor cat.
2. Must not be caged for extended periods or unnecessarily.
2. Must be given lots of love and affection.

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