Sunday, October 26, 2014


UPDATE 23/11/14: Bailey has been adopted... We hope that she will have a good life in her new home...
This little one was rescued 2 weeks ago on 5/10/14... She was really small and frail and frightened... She is also being treated for early stages of mange.

Other than that, she's doing very well at the moment. She is very sweet and affectionate. She loves sitting on your shoulder and cuddling into your neck...

If you think you can give her a good home where she will be loved, please SMS or WhatsApp 016 322 8816. (Please note I will not pick up calls from numbers I do not recognise)

Terms & Conditions for Adoption
1. Must not be caged unnecessarily
2. Must be given good and access to clean water
3. Must be SPAYED upon reaching 6 months of age. (This is NOT negotiable).
4. Must be given medical care if required.
5. Must be given lots of love.
6. Must be kept indoors.

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