Saturday, January 31, 2015


31/01/15 UPDATE: No one has claimed Tara to-date... So we really think that she must have been abandoned. We are considering putting her up for adoption, but her adopter will have to be quite experienced with dealing with Shih Tzus due to the condition of her eye. It has improved a lot but it will be a lifelong condition where she will require eye drops and eye ointments.

However, she is also quite snappy therefore her adopter must also be very patient and kind when dealing with her. 

She gets along well with older dogs and also cats. One of our rescued cats Snowie loves her alot and watches over her all the time. So if you have a calm cat, she will also do well with you...

Please SMS or WhatsApp 016 322 8816 if you can give Tara a good home.


19/10/14 UPDATE: We have decided to name this little girl Tara... Her ear infection has cleared up completely, and her eye infection is much much better now.

No one has claimed her to-date, and so she is up for adoption. However, she will only be released to her new family once her eyes have cleared up a bit more. Please note that she is a bit older (about 6/7 years old) and so will need extra care. She will also need an experienced handler as she does not like her eyes and ears cleaned and is quite snappy. But otherwise she's a really easy dog. She loves to eat and sleeps alot...

Please SMS or WhatsApp 016 322 8816 if you would like to give her a good home. Serious adopters only, breeders NEED NOT apply. She will also be spayed before she is released to her new home.

 27/09/14 UPDATE: Just back from the vet. Kiddo's eye is badly infected and there seems to be some trauma to the cornea. Ears are also full of gunk and my vet managed to clean it all out although the kiddo was quite snappy. Have got 2 different eye ointments, ear ointment and antibiotics. Dewormed as well...

26/09/14 I'm at my wits end. Thought I would have the weekend to work and run errands. But that was not to be. My helper Charis Stanton heard a dog barking outside my house. 

So of course we went to look and found this kiddo in the 6 foot deep drain right outside my house. It's in terrible condition. Don't know if it's lost or dumped. I hope it is the former...
Have just given the kiddo a quick bath, cleaned its eye as best as I could and fed it. Will be taking it to the vet tomorrow morning.

If this is your dog, please SMS or Whatsapp me at 016 322 8816. If not please share so that we can reunite this little one with its family....

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