Friday, April 15, 2016


01/03/16 We rescued this little mite from a concrete divider in the middle of a busy highway.

He was actually spotted 2 weeks ago by Nicole Lee Suresh. We have been deliberately driving past several times after that trying to see if he was there, we never saw him. Therefore we assumed that he must have gotten out...

However, when I was driving home on Tuesday afternoon I saw his tail as he was walking inside the divider. We went back that night to try and see if we could rescue him and to our horror we discovered that there was no way that he could have gotten in there by himself! The divider was really high and that area was completely sealed. And what was worse was that it was impossible for him to get out! And there was no food source or water source in that divider! And there was almost no shade from the heat or the rain!!!

We just cannot understand how people can be so downright cruel. It's one thing to dump your dog, but another to dump your dog in a place where he will face a slow, painful and certain death. We know for a fact that he was in there for at least 2 weeks, but he could have been there much longer. He was literally a bag of bones and weighed a miserable 13kgs only when he should be at least 18-20kgs based on his frame.

Liam "Braveheart" Macallan is a tough cookie and a survivor! He has made great progress, is eating well and is putting on weight slowly. He has also warmed up to us and our dogs, and is the sweetest little thing.

We are still waiting for the results of his blood work, and we are praying that there is no long term damage to his liver or kidneys as a result of his ordeal.

As soon as he is healthy, he will be vaccinated, neutered and put up for adoption.

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