Saturday, March 3, 2012


17 of Pn Robbiah's cats (11 females from the Shah Alam vet, and 6 males from the Setiawangsa vet) were relocated to their new home - a lovely bamboo farm out in the country last . I would like to thank the people who made this possible - namely the volunteers who came with me to catch the cats at Pn. Robbiah's house and then to relocate them, the vets and most importantly each and everyone of you who contributed towards this cause.

I do apologise for the delay in posting the final amounts incurred for Pn Robbiah's cats on this blog. I had posted an update on my personal blog but completely forgot about this one as work has been mental and I have also been travelling extensively.

Anyway, here is the latest update:

Sponsorship Raised                                           RM3,990.00
Expenses Incurred & Paid @ Shah Alam          RM1,905.00
Expenses Incurred & Paid @ Setiawangsa       RM1,000.00** 
Balance                                                               RM1,085.00
**The adopter has decided to sponsor the entire bill at Setiawangsa as it was quite a substantial amount. She does not want to make the amount public, but all I can say is that it has exceeded the RM1,000 that she had initially pledged for 10 cats (as there were 25 cats sent there in total).
Therefore, the RM1,000 included in the sponsorhip amount will be subtracted as the amount incurred at the Setiawangsa Vet. As such there was a balance of RM1,085 in sponsorship money.
The remainder of the money collected has been  donated to Bentong Farm Sanctuary - a no kill animal shelter. Please click here for details of the Bentong Farm.


Total Raised : RM3,990
Incurred So Far: RM2,905
Balance: RM1,085 (*donated to BFS on 17/11/11)
RM 1,000 Anonymus (Adopter)
RM 50 Serena & Sally
RM 80 Stephanie Boey
RM 120 Amanda Coffin
RM 100 Anonymus Donor
RM 30 Diana G
RM 10 Dewi K
RM 50 Maizatul Masni
RM 60 Myza, Anita & Stan
RM 120 Ben Fernz
RM 120 Anonymus
RM 200 Iskandar Onn
RM 250 Amy Lau
RM 100 Anonymus
RM 300 Ruby
RM 150 Anonymus
RM 50 Irene
RM 50 Aileen
RM 50 Sharon
RM 50 Anonymus

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