Friday, March 9, 2012

Dog Scalded by Mee Stall Owner in Seksyen 17 PJ

A dog was scalded with boiling water by a wantan mee stall owner a couple of days ago. This was apparently witnessed by an old lady who rescued the dog and is now looking after the dog. A concerned citizen, Megan Wong, has taken the following pictures of the perpetrator and the injuries that he inflicted on the dog in the hope that he will be brought to justice.

This wantan mee stall is located in Seksyen 17, PJ and the restaurant is Kedai Kopi Lucky.

AWAM has contacted the person who posted these pictures on Facebook and she has informed AWAM that SPCA has already been notified. However, the SPCA has informed her that no action can be taken unless there is video evidence of the crime being committed.

This is absolutely unacceptable as there is already photographic evidence and an eye witness to the crime. The old lady who witnessed the crime and rescued the dog is apparently more than willing to come forward to give a statement against the perpetrator. Surely this is adequate to take at least some action against him?

We would therefore like to urge everyone to boycott the stall and even the restaurant, to show that animal cruelty cannot be condoned. Additionally, please lodge a report with the DVS and write in to the press to voice your concern. We need to speak for the voiceless.

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