Wednesday, May 29, 2013


To all animal lovers in the MPSJ area, Animal Care and Paws are in the midst of launching a great initiative for our street animals. Please visit Animal Care's website to find out more.

Here is an extract of the draft proposal to MPSJ.

AnimalCare, in collaboration with PAWS, is planning to seek the approval of MPSJ to endorse and support One-Street CNRM and implement TNR in certain streets/areas under the jurisdiction of MPSJ.

1.     Ear-notched animals: All ear-notched animals (dogs and cats) will NOT be captured.  If they are captured, they will be released immediately as they have already been neutered.

2.     Designated “Animal-Friendly” zones:
(a)  We identify designated areas where the stray animals are exempted from capture-and-kill.
(b)  A feeder will be responsible in each area.
(c)  The feeder will ensure that the animals in the area are neutered and given appropriate medical treatment when necessary. The feeder is entitled to claim a subsidy from AnimalCare or use the services of PAWS’ mobile clinic.

(d) The feeder will submit a monthly report to AnimalCare detailing the number of animals, the health condition of the animals and other relevant information.

(e)  At the end of 12 months, a full report will be submitted to the MPSJ. If the results are favourable, we will lobby for more areas to be under the “Animal-Friendly” zone, but we need a feeder to be responsible for each area.

An area = A street or a few streets (please identify your street/s when you write to us).
We are now calling for feeders in the MPSJ area to participate in our pilot project which we hope, will spearhead CNRM by the residents and TNR by the council for the long-term wellbeing of all street animals.

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  1. This is wonderful! I really, really pray this takes off!