Thursday, May 30, 2013



30/05/13 Spotted this dog on Jalan 4K, Ampang Jaya early this afternoon, and again at about 7pm.

She was looking very distressed and was running in the middle of the road. We came back to bring her some food which she wolfed down, and then discovered the source of her distress.

She had 4 little puppies that were trapped on the inside of the fence to TAR Villas.We think what had happened was that she must have given birth there, and then probably got chased out by the security guards.


We approached the guard to ask if she could be let in, but he wasn't having any of it. So finally we asked if we could go and get the puppies, which he thankfully allowed.

The puppies are really tiny and have yet to open their eyes even. We think that they are less than a week old. It took us over an hour to then trap the mother dog, which we have decided to call Foxy.


They are safe for the night, but we really need to get foster carers ASAP! 

Please send an SMS to 016 335 8768 if you can foster the family!

We will provide food and take care of all the medical bills.... If you can't help, please, please SHARE this post. Someone you know may be able to look after them. We do not want to board them because the puppies are so small and may be at risk of picking up infections etc at a clinic. 


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If you would like to adopt, please note that the puppies are currently too young to be separated form the mother. They will be weaned from about 2 months of age. If you would like to reserve a puppy, please SMS as well. The term & conditions for adoption are:

1. There is no adoption fee, but any donation is welcome to defray the costs of deworming, vaccination, neutering and other medical costs.
2. An interview and a home visit will be conducted before the pups or Foxy are released to their new home.
3. They should not be caged or chained for long periods of time.
4. They must be provided with sufficient food, water, exercise, medical care (if necessary) and clean shelter from the heat and rain.
5. The pups MUST be neutered by the adopter when they are older - 3 months. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE. 

6. Foxy will be neutered before being released to the adopter.

If you are unable to agree to the T&Cs above, please do not contact us. Please note that there is a refundable reservation fee (upon actual adoption) of RM200 per puppy.

Please understand that we have had people "booking" a puppy and then backing out at the last minute, which means that we have to incur additional costs as well as lose possible adopters.

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