Wednesday, June 26, 2013


UPDATE: Isabelle and Carlos have been adopted



URGENT: Foster carer needed for 2 mixed breed dogs - one male one female. They were rescued by Marie, have been spayed and vaccinated.

Please call Marie at 012 375 2095 if you can help. Please share this with all your friends if you can't...


This is Isabella (Bella).
She can sit and give the paw.
She can jump really high.
She knows how to walk on a leash.
She knows how to poo-poo outside while walking.
She has had all her shots and she is neutered.
She broke her back leg and she has a metal piece and screws but she has fully recovered.
She can be weary of people and growl until she smells them.
She doesn't bite but she can look scary when she looks at people a certain way.

This is Carlos.
He can sit and give both paws.
He can sit with both paws up in a begging position.
He knows how to walk on a leash.
He knows how to poo-poo outside while walking.
He has had all his shots and he is neutered.
He is a fearful dog and is afraid of his own shadow.
He barks loudly but he is never aggressive.
Carlos cannot live without Bella- if she is out of his sight, he cries and moans in pain.

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