Friday, July 5, 2013


UPDATE: This gorgeous boy has been reunited with his owner.

This sweet Golden Retriever was found wandering about in Seapark, Paramount area on the evening on 3rd July by Fang.

He is very friendly and jumped straight into Fang's car when she opened the door. He has no name tag on his collar but has a valid license from MBPJ.

Please contact Fang at 016 328 9813 if this is your dog. You will need to quote the license number to verify your ownership.

If this is not your dog, please help share this information so that he can be reunited with his family.


  1. Hope this handsome lovable boy is happily reunited with his human family and tht they will keep a close eye on him & ensure he doesn't get lost again! He's so lucky tht he "found" a kind, animal-loving Fang to take him in & care for him. I shudder to think wht his fate wud be otherwise :(

  2. You can go to MBPJ with a photo of the dog and the tag to get the owner's phone number and address. Same MBPJ counter as the one to purchase the tag. Yes, they make you take a number and wait :) But at least you will know who owns the dog and can reunite them.

    1. Hi. Thanks for the comment. His rescuers have actually already gone to MBPJ and obtained the owner's contact. However, the person that they contacted did not loose his dog. His dog was still at home with him...

  3. Dear Friends,
    Thank you for all your kind suggestions to assist with locating the rightful owner for this gorgeous Golden Retriever. Rest assured that all mentioned resources has been exhausted (i.e. MBPJ, microchip scan), and to no avail. Posters have been posted around the 2km radius of where the dog is found (i.e. traffic lights, vets, pet shops and 7eleven). Please feel free to keep sharing the poster and news. We would like nothing better than to unite the furkid and its family. Thank you all, again~

  4. Have you all ever wondered that this LOVELY dog was ABANDONED?

    1. I'm not surprise as golden are notoriously to shed heavily and with skin problems. When the family is overwhelmed with these 'problems' and can't cope they just throw them aside like some used toys. Didn't they realize that their 'toys' are actually movable, cuddly, lovable made of flesh and blood? If they don't want them anymore shouldn't they at least take the initiative to get them adopted? How heartless can these people be?