Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Have you seen Willy? He was stolen from his owners home, and his owners are deperately looking for him. Please contact Penny at 012-3809048 or email if you have any information about Willy.


Hi there, 
Need your help. Please can you help to reach out to animal rescuers groups and dog lovers to find Willy my wire fox terrier that was adopted by Kenny.
Kenny's house got broken into and the only thing the burglars stole was the dog. This is the 2nd time that his house was broken into and his dogs stolen. The 1st time the burglars stole his Yorkie and Poodle. Since his dogs were stolen I gave Willy to him.
I told him to report to Police but don't have faith in the cops as they can't even look after the humans. Also told him to approach STAR and NST for assistance.
You can ask people with leads to contact me at 012-3809048 or email
Here is a picture of Willy. He has been neutered and I wouldn't want Willy to end up in puppy farmers' soup pot as they cant breed out of him.
Thanks for your help,

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