Friday, September 20, 2013


24/09/13 UPDATE: Bambi is home!!! Thank you everyone for your prayers and for sharing this information.

Bambi is my former neighbours' beloved dog. Bambi has been missing since last Sunday 15/9 from Ampang Jaya.

He was last spotted on Jalan Rasmi on Sunday 15/9... If anyone has seen him or has any information about him please call me or Leena, or leave a message on this group.

Natasha 016 335 8768
Leena 016 687 6210

He is a friendly and approachable dog, but as he has been out for almost a week now, he may be tired and disoriented. He may not respond to you calling him and may run away. Please keep an eye out for him.

His family has been searching high and low for him, and I have been keeping my eyes peeled for him too... They have called SPCA and MPAJ several times to check but to no avail... We all miss him...

Dogs can travel really far from home especially if they are scared... So even if you think he can't be in your area, please just keep a lookout...

Please, please help bring Bambi home by sharing this with as many friends as you can. Someone may have seen him or taken him in. Someone you know may have information about Bambi that could help bring him home.

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