Thursday, September 26, 2013


MIAR has highlighted yet another terrible case of animal abuse and torture. This has been going on for far too long. All of us need to stand up and make a difference. Speak for the voiceless...

Sign the petition started by MIAR here: Stop Babaric Dog Catching


Strays dogs and cats have always been an issue in the country for as long as I can remember. And while I firmly believe that there is a need to control the stray population (via humane methods), our local authorities seem to have no qualms in employing the most cruel methods of "controlling" the stray population. These methods involve catching the stray animals and killing them in the most barbaric way possible without even flinching.
We have seen countless cases of cruelty inflicted on these helpless animals by the local councils, and yet no action is ever taken against these people. In fact the authorities seem to condone beating, strangling and starving these poor animals on the pretext that these poor dogs would bite someone and that they are just doing their job.  
Anyone will tell you that the likelihood of a stray dog biting a person is much lower than being mugged or attacked by a human. Dogs will usually only attack if they are provoked, cornered and have no choice.
At the same time, the very fact that the government and the local authorities are turning a blind eye and even encouraging these acts of cruelty by the barbaric people that they employ, goes to show that they have little understanding of the correlation between cruelty to animals and humans. Many studies have shown that those that torture animals usually go on to torturing humans. Is this the kind of society that we would like to cultivate?

Additionally, we have laws against animal cruelty (albeit a rather pathetic one), and I would like to know why are these people not subject to the same laws. Why are they not charged and brought to justice? Why ARE THEY ABOVE THE LAW?
If the increase in stray population is really a concern, the authorities should work together with the many established animal welfare organisations to promote spaying and neutering of pets, as well as strays. These methods have been proven to be more effective at controlling and reducing the stray animal population in the long run.
The government is constantly trying to promote the country as one that is a warm, friendly and caring nation. But by condoning and even encouraging these acts of cruelty towards these defenceless animals, I think that the government has failed the country and its people.

Sign the petition started by MIAR here: Stop Babaric Dog Catching

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