Wednesday, June 4, 2014


We finally managed to pick Storm up last Friday night (when it was storming - hence the name Storm) after spotting him a couple of weeks ago. He has several open sores/wounds that are weeping on his face, back of his ear, and feet. He was also coughing and sneezing and expelling alot of thick and horrible mucous. 

Our vet confirmed that he had Sporo as well as a secondary bacterial infection, an injured leg, was suffering from dehydration and malnutrition. 

We started him on Sporanox and some antibiotics. We also got some Vetri-DMG as recommended by Myza Nordin. 

Thankfully, Storm is responding to the treatment and his wounds seem to be drying up although rather slowly. His appetite has improved significantly as well. 

We believe that he had a family that decided to abandon him after he got sick. He is a really sweet and affectionate cat and we feel bad that we can't cuddle him. We do pet him as much as we can (albeit with gloves on). 

Please pray that he will recover quickly and that we can find him a good home to spend the rest of his days.

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