Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This lovely boy was rescued a few days ago by a lady called Chandra. He had apparently fallen in a drain and she did not have the heart to leave him there.

And so she brought him home. She soon realised that his left foreleg was injured. But unfortunately, she does not have the funds to seek medical treatment for the dog.

So Sherrina and I have decided to try and help Chandra out. Shadow (originally called Boy by Chandra) was taken to Dr Singgham of Hayward Animal Clinic for a thorough checkup.

He has several superficial wounds, ticks and also a swollen lymph node.
He is also somewhat underweight.

Dr Singgham has dewormed him and has also taken blood for a full blood test to make sure that he hasn't got any other underlying problems. The results should be out by tomorrow or the day after.

Shadow had x-rays of his leg done, and as we suspected, his left leg is broken quite badly.The x-rays show this very clearly.

Shadow will need to go for surgery soon to ensure that his leg heals. Dr Singgham has since sent on his x-rays to Dr Pem of Gasing Veterinay Hospital for review.

Based on intial phone consultation with Dr Prem, it would seem that Shadow would need to have screws and possibly one or two plates inserted to pull the bone together.

The initial estimated cost for the surgery alone is RM2,500. This does not include the costs of Dr Singgham's consultation, x-rays, blood test and flea treatment. We estimate that the cost to treat Shadow may rise to RM3,500 or more.

Shadow is a very sweet dog and will make a good companion. Eventhough he must be in severe pain, he has let us handle him without showing even the slightest bit of aggression. Please help us help Shadow walk properly again.

As such we would like to appeal to all of you to help Chandra by donating towards the cost of Shadow's medical treatment.

We will post all amounts collected and also the bills for the treatment. Any leftover money will be donated to other animal rescue cases as we see fit.

Please transfer donations to

MBB 514 299 321 246

Please indicate SHADOW in the transaction reference and email me at if you have donated so that I can update the donation log accordingly.

Shadow would like to thank you very much for your contributions in advance.

Thank you,
Natasha Fernz

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