Thursday, April 19, 2012


Today I took Shadow (and Chandra) to Dr Prem at Gasing Hospital for a pre-surgery check-up to make sure that he is okay to have his surgery on Saturday.

Shadow waiting patiently to be seen by Dr Prem
Dr Prem was quite pleased with Shadow's condition and has given us the OK for the surgery to go ahead on Saturday.

As we are unsure of Shadow's medical history, he will be vaccinated prior to the surgery. Shadow will be neutered as well while undergoing surgery for his leg. This is so that he won't have to go under anasthesia twice.
You can just see that his left foot is swollen
Shadow has put on some weight, but still needs a bit more bulk


The estimated cost of the surgery is RM2,500 as mentioned previously. As we have requested for Shadow to be vaccinated and neutered as well, this may be slightly higher. However, the actual cost will only be known post surgery.
Our target amount is RM3,000 and we would like to appeal to all of you to spare a small amount to help Shadow. No amount is too small... 
Todate, the cost incurred for Shadow is RM318 at Hayward Animal Clinic, where Shadow's initial check-up, bloodwork, x-rays, frontline treatment, etc were done. 

We have also paid for treatment of Chandra's own dog and cat who have unfortunately fallen ill since the arrival of Shadow (see attached receipt below). The total receipt is for RM430.

Please transfer money to

MBB 514 299 321 246

Please indicate SHADOW in the transaction reference and email me at if you have donated so that I can update the donation log accordingly.

Please also let me know if you would like to remain anonymous.

Shadow would like to thank you very much for your contributions in advance.

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