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UPDATE 26/04/12

Shadow was re-admitted to Gasing Hospital because he managed to take off his bandage and sutures while at his foster carers. As such his wound is now slightly infected. Hopefully we can bring him back to rest at his foster carer's in about a week's time. Please pray that Shadow recovers quickly.

Please note that I have revised the target collection to RM3,500 as todate I have already incurred and paid RM2,950. I am not sure how much his current bill for boarding and treatment at Gasing will be, and there will also be follow up treatment later on at Dr Singham once we discharge him again from Gasing.

In the mean time I would like to thank all of you once again for contributing towards Shadow's treatment costs. He is a very lucky dog!!! 


I picked Shadow up from Dr Prem's this morning and he was so happy to see me and Chandra. We could barely handle him as he was giving us a full body wag and was jumping up and down in excitement. While on the one hand this is a good sign, it is also a bad thing...

Dr Prem had a long chat with us before we were allowed to go and get Shadow to explain Shadow's condition and the care that he will need for the coming months. I am going to try and re-explain it all to the best of my ability, so here goes:

Basically, Dr Prem told us that Shadow's surgery was slightly complicated as the bone had hardened and that the space between the fractures had lots of matter in it, which meant that he had the fracture for some time already.

Unfortunately these did not turn up in the x-rays to give Dr Prem an accurate assessment of the situation, which was why the surgery took longer than anticipated. Additionally, this meant that Shadow could not be neutered at the same time.

But nonetheless, the plates have been implanted and Shadow MUST rest his leg, i.e. he MUST NOT put pressure on that leg for at least 10 days, and then after that we can start to slowly allow him to put pressure on it over the course of about 6-8 weeks.

As such, we have to cage Shadow for the duration and only allow him restricted movement so that the leg can heal properly. We will have to take him to Dr Singham on a weekly basis to get the sutures cleaned and the leg assessed to ensure that it is healing properly, which includes yet another x-ray in 3 weeks time.

In the mean time, however, Shadow is really very happy to be back at Chandra's house. He could hardly contain himself and dashed straight into the house and inspected every corner to make sure that things were how he left it. It took the both of us to get him into the cage that we prepared for him.

So please pray that Shadow will be a good boy and not get up to too much mischief so that his leg can heal quickly and properly.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has donated towards Shadow's medical treatment so far! I really appreciate it and I am amazed that there even people whom I don't know that have contributed. Shadow is really lucky that so many people are rooting for him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

In the mean time, for those of you who still would like to contribute towards Shadow's fund, please transfer money to:

Natasha Valerie Fernz
MBB 514 299 321 246

Please indicate SHADOW in the transaction reference and email me at if you have donated so that I can update the donation log accordingly. Please note that I will only update the log once the money has been cleared.


I am also enclosing the bills for all Shadow's treatment so far. There will obviously be more costs incurred as we go along, and I will try my best to post any cost incurred as soon as possible.

Total Incurred To date:  2,950

Hayward Animal Clinic RM 430 less RM112 for Tanner & Tokyo

Gasing (Brickfields) Veterinary Hospital RM 400 Deposit

Gasing (Brickfields) Veterinary Hospital RM 2,232 (Balance)

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