Tuesday, May 8, 2012


While walking my Rascal and Belle this morning, they suddenly became very interested in a bush... I was wondering why and when I looked I saw this cardboard box with cat food, bread, water and a towel. I am sure you will all agree with me that this is quite a strange sight.

I looked around and then noticed that there was a ginger cat in the bushes nearby with another tea towel behind him. 

The cat was in a real sorry state. He could barely move although he was trying to get to me. I could not believe what I was seeing. So I just told the cat to stay put and that I was coming back for him. I quickly marched my two kids home and raced back with a cat carrier.

He was still there when I came back about 10 minutes later. I took the towel from the box and slowly moved towards him. He didn't try to run or hiss or anything. He let me carry him although he did scream when I picked him up. (Now I know that he must have been in severe pain).

The tea towel behind the cat

This poor cat had several wounds, and was covered in ants. You can just about see the ants in the picture below. I got him home and then rushed him to the vet.

My vet examined him and basically told me what I already knew. This cat was in terrible shape. He was actually very skinny but his tummy was bloated as it was filled with liquid - most probably blood. It also felt like his organs were displaced. His ears were severely infected and his skin was bad. There was also fluid oozing out of his mouth and rear end.

My vet and I decided that it was kinder for the cat if we let him go. I stroked him and told him to rest. Doc gave him an anesthetic and we waited till he settled down. Then he administered the lethal injection and he quietly slipped away.

I brought him home and buried him under my line of red palm trees. I only had him for a few hours and I feel so terrible that he had to suffer like that. I cannot understand how his family could have the heart to just throw him out in his greatest time of need. 

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