Saturday, August 18, 2012


UPDATE: Shadow has been adopted 
Hi all,

It has been sometime since I updated all of you about Shadow, so I thought it was time that I put up a post. Shadow has been recuperating from his leg surgery at his foster carer's, and he was also treated for a few other minor issues that he had with his skin. He was given the all clear at the beginning of the month, and so we scheduled him to be neutered with Dr Singham last Wednesday.

I visited him on Thursday morning at the clinic and he was doing well. He was bright and alert and wouldn't stay still enough for me to take a nice picture of him. In any case, his sutures will be removed this coming Thursday. Let's just hope that he is a good boy and does not remove his sutures like he did the last time. 

We have incurred another RM682 for treatment of his skin, blood work before neutering, neutering and boarding. 

Here's a recap of what we have received and spent on Shadow:

Total contributions received           RM 6,120
Veterinary Expenses (Paid)           RM 4,061
Petty cash to Foster Carer            RM    100
2 bottles Oxyfresh Antioxidant       RM      90

Balance                                      RM 1,869
Veterinary Expenses (Paid)          RM    682
Balance                                      RM 1,187

Once again we would like to thank everyone who contributed towards Shadow's medical expenses. We will keep you updated if we incur any further expenses. Otherwise, we will donate the balance to an animal charity/organisation as we see fit.

Additionally, Shadow is now ready to be adopted. We would greatly appreciate it if you could help share details about Shadow to potential families that would give him a good and loving home. He is a very sweet and gentle boy. He does not have a single aggressive bone in him. He is however a big dog and is super active. Therefore, his new family will need to be able to take him for long walks and runs and must be experienced handling large breed dogs. Shadow will also most probably need to go for obedience training. If you would like to adopt Shadow, please do email us at 

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