Monday, August 20, 2012


UPDATE: 01/01/13 Lily has been adopted


Female Dog (possibly under a year old) with Burn/Scald Scar on right side of body in Bukit Indah, Ampang
If this is your dog, please email us at 


I first spotted this girl a couple of days ago, when I was out walking my dogs in the Bukit Indah, Ampang area. She tailed us for quite a distance and was pretty friendly. She was rather thin and dirty but she definitely did not seem like a stray. 

As I didn't have a spare leash on me, I hoped that she would follow us home. Unfortunately, as we were crossing the road she got spooked and ran off. 

As soon I got my own kids back home which was quite a distance away, I drove out with some food to the area where I last saw her but was unable to find her. Since then I have just circled the area a few times a day but did not see her. So I just assumed that she must have found her way home.

And lo and behold, this morning as we were approaching our house at the end of our walk, she springs out at us from the bushes by the side of our house. She somehow found us!

I fed her a raw chicken wing quarter and she chomped through it like she hadn't eaten in ages. Then I gave her a bath and it took three shampoos to get quite a bit of grease off her fur. She is quite thin so I think she must have gotten lost at least a couple of weeks ago. She also had a huge burn/scald scar on her right side - which looks like someone had poured hot water or oil on her.

I gave her 2 more raw chicken leg quarters and she gobbled it up really quickly. The poor thing must have been really hungry. 

Anyway, she is a really sweet dog and she must have belonged to someone. If this is your dog or if you know who this doggie's owner is, please email me at 

If she is not claimed within a week or two, she will be put up for adoption after we spay her. But in the mean time, she will be going to our vet when he re-opens on Wednesday for a check up.

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