Thursday, August 23, 2012


UPDATE: 01/01/13 Lily has been adopted


A quick update on the dog that we took in on Monday. We have decided to call her Lily, and she is really the sweetest girl ever.

We took her to the vet yesterday and she sat really nicely in the car. She did get car-sick though after about 5 minutes, and threw up all her breakfast. So we strapped on the Thundershirt on her and she was a lot less stressed. We hope it's just a case of her never being in a car before...

Lily was very well behaved at the clinic and let Dr Singham examine her thoroughly. She has now been vaccinated and dewormed. She also had blood taken to check for heart worms. If she is given the clear, she will commence heart worm preventive treatment soon.

Dr Singham was generally happy with her condition. She didn't seem to have any obvious problems apart from being underweight. We will be fattening her up with some good food and lots of love. Dr Singham said that the scar along her right side could have been from being scalded or from a chemical burn. But it's hard to tell as it has already healed.
Lily is now at a foster carer and is getting alot of exercise (she gets two long walks a day), love and affection. We will be taking Lily for her follow up vaccination in 3 weeks time, and then after that she will be spayed. If no one claims her by then, she will be put up for adoption.

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