Saturday, August 29, 2015


24/08/15 Nicole Lee Suresh spotted this little mite running round our housing area a few days ago. But when she approached him, he would run like the wind. I went looking for him on Friday night, and when I found him, he ran away too. He would run as soon as we got near him. We tried luring him with food but he was not interested. We gave up after a few hours and called it a night.

The next day, a neighbour told me that he saw the puppy and he tried to give him some food but the little fella ran away. We tried looking for him but didn't see him... 

 And then on Monday morning, when I was out walking my kids, he came out of nowhere and started trailing us. He was abit scared of my male dogs and also my beagle (who is quite feisty), so I quickly got my helper, to take the three of them in, while I kept Cleo with me.

He immediately came running up to Cleo and followed us home. He was very suspicious of humans though, and kept running out before I could close the gate. I had to keep going outside with Cleo to bring him back in and finally after about an hour, we got him inside.

But then came the tough part... He was really fearful of humans and was actually quite snappy and tried to bite us a few times. If it wasn't for my Cleo, I would never have been able to get him in the crate. What we did was put some food in the crate and tried to lure him into it, but he refused to go in.

We had to then get Cleo to stand by the side of the crate by herself before he would go in. After another hour, we finally managed to get him into the crate. 

We took him to the vet, and had a long wait as there was alot of people waiting to see him. Denver was very snappy and unco-operative. My poor old vet, had to sit on the floor for half an hour coaxing him to calm down. We couldn't do much, but at least we managed to get a good look at his wounds and skin condition. Our vet prescribed antibiotics and anti-fungal and told us to let him calm down for a few days before bringing him back again, as the poor mite was very stressed.

We brought him home and tried to settle him in. But unfortunately he did not like being in a cage and was making alot of noise. We couldn't let him free with our other dogs because of his skin condition and also we do not know if he has any other issues that might be contagious, and in the end we decided that we had to board him where he can recover a little before deciding what to do with him.

Hopefully, he will get better, and he will start to trust humans soon. We will be putting him up for adoption once he has recovered. Alternatively, if you think you could adopt him now and give him the home that he deserves, we would be really happy. He would do really well in a home with a calm, older dog. All he needs is to be shown some love and kindness and he will be a beautiful dog...

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