Saturday, August 1, 2015


On 29th July 2015, Oreo went in for an unplanned surgery...

From the time we first rescued him in 2014 to when we rescued him the second time in Jan 2015 - we noted that he had a lump on his left hip. 

Due to his health condition etc and the fact that we had to attend to more serious issues with him, together with our vets, we decided that it was best to leave the lump alone, until he was 100% healthy, as it wasn't bothering him. 

The past week or so we have noticed that he was having some discomfort and was limping a little. He went in for a checkup on Monday and the vet scheduled him for an X-ray on Wednesday.  

So earlier when we sent him in for the X-ray, and our vet discovered that there was a metal pin and some wires which seemed to have been put in at some point in the past which has now dislodged. 

To our surprise the pin was a very long pin that had dislodged itself. But what shocked us even more was that normally pins that are inserted will have to be removed after a period of time, and this was obviously not removed... Poor Oreo had been struggling all this while with the pin sticking into his flesh...

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