Wednesday, August 26, 2015


22/08/15 We had just sent one of our kittens to her new home on Saturday afternoon, and thought that we could have a well deserved break... But that was not meant to be... This gorgeous ginger cat was dumped. Literally dumped outside Nicole Lee Suresh's house at about 10pm or so. He couldn't move and was just laying there on a big plastic bag! We took him in and noticed that he had some lacerations on his face and paws and also a couple of broken nails. We checked him and he didn't seem to be in a bad condition, but he couldn't move. After assessing the situation, we decided that he was not in immediate danger, and kept him cozy in a crate.

We took him to a vet in the morning - not our regular vet as he is closed on Sundays. And unfortunately, the vet that we saw was a trainee and didn't really do much. He had trouble even giving a pain-killer shot to the cat. 

Anyway we took Sunday home and made him as comfortable as possible. He seemed much perkier after a good night's sleep. He ate well and we took him to our regular vet on Monday morning.

He was checked thoroughly and our vet noticed immediately that he had a very bad stomache. He did a stool test and confirmed that Sunday the cat had hook-worms. Our vet thinks that he might have been knocked down by a motor-bike but that there was no obvious injury. He probably couldn't move that night because he was in shock.

He was dewormed and put on a course of antibiotics. We were told to cage-rest Sunday the Cat for a week at least and observe him carefully.

We still cannot believe how cruel and nasty people can be... We are not sure what really happened to Sunday the Cat, but the fact was that he was dumped! To the person who dumped Sunday - know that you will be punished severely for your cruel deed , one way or another.

But for now, Sunday the Cat is safe with us. He is a really sweet boy and loves to be cuddled and petted. We will be looking after him till he is all better, and then he will be neutered before he is either re-homed or released to be cared for as a community cat. If any of you think you would like to have this gorgeous cat in your life, please give us a buzz...

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