Friday, August 28, 2015




15/08/15 We picked up Hershey the Chocolate Pup yesterday after receiving a call from a friend. He saw this little mite being abused by some of the foreign workers there. He told them to stop but he knew that it was not safe for Hershey to remain there. 

Apparently Hershey turned up in the back alley of some shop lots 3 days ago. Someone must have dumped him as he is super friendly and came running to us when we called him and gave us lots of kisses... This is not how a typical stray pup responds to humans.

We have taken him to the vet, and he has been dewormed and is being treated for a fungal infection of the skin. His condition has already improved alot. We will be looking after him till he is ready for adoption. 

Please do share this album with all your friends so that we can find Hershey a good and loving home. He's very friendly and loves the company of other dogs.

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